Water Analysis

Naturatech provides a complete range of water testing services at affordable costs. Standard water, wastewater, extracts, and effluent samples are analyzed for physical, chemical, and bacteriological parameters at our lab, which is equipped with modern and high-quality testing instruments.

Why Water Analysis?

Water testing is a legal necessity that ensures public and environmental safety.
You can reduce risk and potentially harmful effects on human health and the environment by conducting a water analysis. Standard waters (drinking, borehole, river, sea, groundwater, and tank water), swimming pool/spa water and wastewater from diverse industries are analyzed in depth chemically, physically, and microbiologically by Naturatech laboratories. Our experienced laboratory analysis and in-field sampling services help you comply with legal and regulatory requirements while also ensuring that tests are completed on time, accurately, and with the best possible results.

Our Water Analysis Services

Whenever required, we provide accurate comprehensive testing for all types of water.

Water Chemistry Analysis

Naturatech performs water chemistry analysis to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of water samples in order to guarantee that they are compliant with regulatory standards and safe to use.

Organics & Inorganics Testing in Water

Our experts can analyze water for organic and inorganic substances using state-of-the-art facilities, assisting policymakers, environmental consultants, and company owners in making decisions on treatment technology and environmental safety.

Wastewater Testing & Analysis

Our environmental laboratories are equipped with electrochemical sensors, photometers, inductively coupled plasma with mass spectrometry for comprehensive analysis of wastewater for various parameters. 

Metals & Pesticides Detection in Water

Electrochemical sensors, photometers, inductively coupled plasma with mass spectrometry for both trace and concentrated analytes are used in Naturatech’s environmental laboratories to analyze water for metals, herbicides and pesticides that are damaging to the environment and human health.

Physical & Biochemical Analysis of Water

Our scientists have extensive experience in a variety of analytical laboratory services and can evaluate both the physical and biological aspects of water quality to determine if it is safe and suited for its intended use. We can assist you in navigating the path to compliance and developing custom monitoring and water analysis programs to fit your specific requirements.

Nutrient Testing & Analysis in Water

For environmental consultants, private businesses and municipalities, our cutting-edge laboratories use potentiostats, ion chromatography, smart colorimetry, and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen methods to provide fast and precise nutrient assessment in water samples.

Microbiological & Toxicity Analysis in Water

Our environmental laboratories, which have dedicated experts for testing water, perform specialized microbiology and toxicity tests for water samples from small businesses and highly regulated industries on a regular basis to ensure that protocols are followed according to regulatory guidelines, customer specifications, and government regulations.

Dioxins & Furans Analysis in Water

Toxic compounds known as dioxins and furans are found in extremely minute concentrations in the environment. They are found in some foods as a result of their existence in the environment. Naturatech has developed bespoke electrochemical sensors that can detect these toxic pollutants in water samples at almost 100 times lower detection limits.

PFAS & Microplastics Analysis in Water

Naturatech offers the technology, capacity and expertise to test water samples for perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), as well as detect the presence of microplastics. Due to its high persistence in the environment, capacity to bioaccumulate, toxicity potential, and negative human health impacts, PFAS’ are of interest.


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We offer range of services

In-Field Sampling & Lab Analysis

We have skilled and highly trained experts to conduct in-field water sampling of domestic, industrial, remediation and residential water sites.

Monitoring & Validation

Our portable and smart lab devices, along with our bespoke mobile app for in-field water analysis, are sufficient for monitoring and validating water resources and treatment performance.

Certifications & Licences

Water is a key supply for most sectors. Reliable testing and analysis are required by many quality management systems. Naturatech issues certificate of compliance, in accordance with regulatory standards and established limits.

Water Quality Analysis

Our in-field water sample services and professional water quality analysis offer a wide range of tests, including physical, microbiological, chemical parameters:

Chemical parameters of water

Physical parameters of water

Physicochemical parameters of water

Microbiological testing of water