Soil & Nutrient Analysis

The quality and production of a crop are strongly influenced by land fertility. Our soil testing experts provide thorough soil analysis over a wide range of tests at reasonable prices to the agriculture business. Naturatech experts assist you in making informed agronomic decisions by determining nutrient content and soil composition, as well as other characteristics like acidity and salinity.

Reliable and accurate soil analysis

Why soil and nutrient analysis ?

Soil analysis is an important tool for your farm and horticulture since it identifies the inputs that are needed for optimal and cost-effective output. Knowing the status of plant-available nutrients and other soil chemical variables, in particular, helps to improve crop productivity and protect the environment from contamination by runoff and leaching of excess fertilizers, both of which can have negative environmental consequences. For your project, Naturatech provides precise and high-quality soil analysis, which includes microbiological, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and radiological analysis.

Soil Sampling & Preparation

Sample preparation and sampling are essential for obtaining accurate and meaningful results as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. All regulated analyses can be guided by Naturatech’s qualified professionals in terms of soil sampling, sample volume, preservation, storage, and holding time.

Physical Properties of Soil Testing

The amount of water, air, and nutrients available to plants is influenced by the physical characteristics of the soil. Thus, understanding the soil composition is critical for determining its suitability for agricultural purposes. Naturatech offer a full range of soil testing services, including color, particle density and permeability.

Soil Organics/Inorganics Testing & Analysis

Organic and inorganic substances in soil are tested and analyzed by Naturatech’s soil testing experts to low detection limits. Herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, inorganics, and other emerging pollutants in the soil are all detectable and quantifiable by us.

Pesticide/Herbicides Testing & Analysis

Herbicide and pesticide testing and analysis for soil are conducted by Naturatech experts using accurate low-limit detection electrochemical sensors to assist farmers, businesses, and environmental consultants in reducing the risk of food products being rejected and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Soil Nutrient Testing

Plants require a lot of nutrients to grow, and soil is a major supplier of those nutrients.  Naturatech offer soil nutrient analysis with the highest level of accuracy to detect both macro and micronutrient content in the soil, which can assist spot deficiencies and improve soil fertility. We can also assist you in deciphering the soil analysis result and provide technical assistance.

Metals, Soil Salinity & pH Testing

Plant nutrition and soil fertility are influenced by two chemical variables, salinity and pH. We use a variety of soil testing procedures and advanced equipment at Naturatech to conduct precise and reliable metal analysis, pH testing and salinity analysis that help you stay in compliance with industry norms.


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Microbiological Analysis of Soil

The environmental toxicology lab at Naturatech provides accurate and dependable microbiology tests to determine the presence of numerous microorganisms in soil, such as yeast, nematode, fungal, and bacterium species that can affect soil biology, biochemistry, and other aspects.
Identification of hazardous chemicals in soil and environmental toxicology of soils are two of our specialties.