Microbiology & Toxicity Testing

Our microbial and toxicity analysis labs at Naturatech are equipped with dependable, rapid, and sensitive technology for detecting, analyzing, and testing a wide range of bacteria and pollutants emitted into the environment. Our experts stay up to date on the latest analytical methods and regulatory requirements, and they offer a wide range of tests to determine microbiology and toxicity levels in water samples, soils, cosmetics, food, and dairy products, all in accordance with regulatory standards and customer specifications. Our scientists have expertise and doctorates in chemistry, toxicology, molecular biology, and genetics, and can interpret your reports accurately.

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Why microbiology and toxicity tests?

Contamination of water, soil, and food by microorganisms and chemicals is a global environmental concern that poses not only ecological and human health dangers, but also significant financial expenses in terms of remediation and redevelopment issues. As a result, it’s critical to monitor raw, surface, and portable water for hazardous germs to avoid illness or disease, as well as to guarantee that water quality is healthy for the environment and complies with municipal, federal, and state requirements. In order to provide a better environment for healthier and more productive crops, soil microbiology and toxicity testing is also essential.

Food, Water & Soil samples

Microbial Analysis

Microbial Testing & Analysis of Water

It’s critical to test the microbiology of both potable and raw water to guarantee that the water is safe for the environment and meets regulatory requirements. Our laboratory tests water samples for appropriateness for usage, ensuring that results are accurate the first time and given as promptly as possible.

Because soil microbiology influences soil acidity, soil biology, soil biochemistry, nutrient digestion and recycling in soil; therefore, testing the microbiology of soil is vitally important for providing a better environment for healthier and greater crop yield. 

Microbial Testing & Analysis of Soil

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food & Packaging Material 

Toxicity testing

Food & Dairy toxicity
Soil toxicology analysis

Toxic pollutants such as chemical compounds, oily discharge, and microbiological toxicity can all be identified with Naturatech’s environmental toxicology testing services. Toxicological study of soil samples for agricultural, construction, or horticultural purposes is one of our specialties.

Water Toxicity Analyses

The environmental toxicology lab at Naturatech can conduct toxicity testing and analysis to see if water samples are safe and comply with regulatory requirements. For a wide range of businesses, municipalities, and industries, we can do toxicological and ecotoxicology tests, including bacteria, algae, gardia, microtox and bioassay analyses.