Environmental Analysis Labs

In support of site remediation, investigations, and other initiatives, Naturatech offers a wide range of water, soil, food, and microbiological testing and analysis laboratory services. For emerging pollutants, unregulated contaminants, radiochemistry, and disinfection by-products, we offer full testing laboratories, compliance testing labs, and specialty testing services.

We comply with various accreditation bodies and conduct testing in line with a number of worldwide and national environmental organisations and regulatory standards.

Water quality, testing & analysis

Wastewater Analysis

We provide a complete field sampling and laboratory testing service for wastewater, industrial water effluents from olive mills, dairy factories, restaurants, hospital wastewater, and storm-water.

Drinking Water Testing

At our laboratory, Naturatech provides full-service drinking water testing. Inorganic and volatile organic chemicals, as well as all regulated and non-regulated compounds of concern, are all tested for in drinking water by our professional personnel.

Pesticides & Metals Testing

Naturatech specializes in high-resolution pesticide, herbicide, and pesticide assessments in water, animal feeds, and agricultural soils including various heavy metals, inorganics, dioxin-like chemicals, and polychlorinated biphenyl congeners.

Soil Analysis

Soil Pollution, Pesticides & Radiation Analysis

We perform comprehensive soil testing services which includes standard soil physical, chemical and microbiological analyses reliably and quickly for pH, soil type, acidity, heavy metal contaminations, pesticides and radioactive materials. We also conduct soil analysis for recreational horticulture.  

We evaluate the phytonutrient levels, pollution, soil salinity, texture, cation exchange capacity, and base saturation percent of many types of soils using our dependable modern equipment. In order to ensure growth and yield, we assess both macro and micronutrients. Our professionals can assist you in deciphering the soil analysis report and soil test results.

Phytonutrient Analysis

Food and Dairy Analysis

Chemical and Toxin Analysis

With our modern technological devices such as potentiostats, ICP/MS, and GCMS devices, we can identify heavy metals, mycotoxins such as Aflatoxins, and radioactive elements in food, meat and dairy products accurately at low measurement limits. We also have the ability to conduct in-depth analyses of animal feed and feed raw ingredients.

Microbial Analysis

All microbiological analysis for food, meat, and dairy products are available through our laboratory. We’ve developed rapid and reliable optical and electrochemical biosensors that can identify and analyze mycotoxins in food samples, as well as detect and analyze Cronobacter spp., total coliform bacteria, E.coli, Pseudomonas spp., total molds and yeasts, and more.

Packaging, Shelf-life and Radiation Analysis

Naturatech has extensive experience with analysis of food packaging materials, shelf-life, and migration of emerging contaminants (Bisphenol-A, plasticizers) and radioactive elements. With our in-house technology, we provide comprehensive food safety testing, quality evaluation and control, and development support for our clients.

Industrial Hygiene Analysis

Pool Water Analysis

The water in swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and hydrotherapy pools can be tested on a regular basis by Naturatech’s environmental experts to verify that it is safe for human use and meets regulatory criteria. E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Total coliforms, TVC/Aerobic colony counts, Legionella bacteria, and other less frequent species that might contaminate pools are among the chemical and microbiological characteristics that we can examine.

Dust and Noise Measurements

Using our portable handheld field devices, our lab can conduct personal noise exposure measurements and dust measurements in line with the “regulation against dust” and the “regulation on health and safety measures.”

Cosmetic Analysis

In order to detect E.coli, S.aureus, Candida albicans, aerobic mesophylic bacteria, total yeast, and molds in cosmetic products, our lab is equipped to perform numerous microbiological analyses. Heavy metal analysis, PFAS detection, and stability and viscosity testing are also available.

Microbiological Testing & Analysis

The Naturatech microbial analysis lab is fully equipped to detect, identify, and enumerate microorganisms in food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, soil, environmental, water, and clinical samples quickly and accurately using standard protocols.

To the culinary, hospitality, and retail industries, our food testing laboratory can provide a variety of Food Microbiology testing services.