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We are a scientific start-up that provides research-based solutions. To provide precise and repeatable results, Naturatechcyprus employs a wide range of modern analytical instruments.

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Clean water, renewable energy, high-quality food, safer agronutrients, and a healthy environment are all life-giving resources for which Naturatech works to find new solutions using our scientific and technological expertise. We work with society and companies to help them recreate themselves in a sustainable way.

Passion for Innovation through Science

We utilize only recognized techniques and focus on providing you with a reliable and an accurate results in the shortest period possible, thanks to our committed professional team and unparalleled breadth of work that extends from regular chemical analysis to Global specified regulations.

Our Expertise

With our experience in research and technology, Naturatech delivers solutions for clean water, green renewable energy, cleaner air, and a more environmentally friendly environment. Naturatech participates in a variety of international quality control and industry related product certification assessments as part of our commitment to Quality Assurance.

01. Environmental Analysis Labs

To provide precise and reliable analytical results, we employ a variety of modern and calibrated analytical instruments.

02. Water Analysis & Treatment

Our labs are set up to deliver accurate, high-quality chemical analysis for environmental water samples, and we provide water treatment technologies for all types of water.

03. Green Solar Cells & Biosensors

We’ve expertise in development of high-performance organic and polymeric inks and coatings for flexible solar cells and screen-printed biosensors.

Naturatech Projects

Naturatech’s team is presently working on a variety of solutions and has successfully completed several projects to remove hazardous pollutants utilizing our low-cost technology. Develop low-cost biosensors for food quality analysis. Some of the case studies based on our in-house technologies are listed below……

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Low cost Biosensors for food quality analysis

We developed low-cost optical and electrochemical biosensors for pesticide, mycotoxin, and antibiotic detection in food.

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Recovery of heavy metal from seawater

For heavy metal recovery from saline seawater, we designed a low-cost small-scale 1 liter per hour electrocoagulation system.

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Dairy products quality analysis

For dairy farms and processors, we provide common water quality and nutrition analyses. We created a method for quickly determining the quality of Halloumi cheese and milk products.

We Employ Latest Research Innovations & Technology

Naturatech was founded by a group of scientists and researchers with the goal of providing practical solutions to clients by combining significant laboratory knowledge, industrial experience, innovative methods, and technological competence. All of our laboratory testing and reporting complies with WHO, EPA, and EU regulations.

“Scientists are meant to re-create nature and impact society by developing solutions that result in clean water, emission-free energy, good air, a circular economy, and sustainable resources.”

Akeem Oladipo, PhD

Scientific & Academic Advisor

Why People Trust Us

Our services are the result of a dual commitment; we are curious and talented scientists who are passionate about achieving the best results for our clients while also safeguarding the environment and the health of the larger community.

High Quality Lab

Our labs are equipped with a range of modern, state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation to produce accurate and reproducible data.

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of scientists are scientifically equipped and continually trained in the most advanced techniques to provide a wide range of chemical analysis services.

Reliable Result

To produce dependable, accurate, and repeatable results, we rigorously followed scientifically defined methods utilizing trusted modern instrumentation.

Qualified Staff

At our labs, we have a team of academically educated and research-worthy chemists, physicists, and laboratory technicians that provide a variety of services.

Training &


We are proud of our expertise to assist you with all analytical chemistry services related to water, soil, food, dairy, and oil using only approved methodologies and procedures. We also offer verifiable Certificate of Analysis and training services that fulfill the requirements of all federal and state authorities, including the WHO, EU, EPA, and national environmental agencies.

Quality Assurance Services

We can determine the content of various products, their chemical compositions, and their quality in order to provide Quality Assurance Certificate in accordance with established content limitations and regulations. 

Green Certification Labels

We support the UNs’ Sustainable Development Goals by developing an evaluation methodology, certification standards, and tools to help labs, businesses, and offices decrease their environmental impact and operate more sustainably.

Certificate of Product Analysis

To guarantee that products fulfill regulatory criteria, we analyze them using validated procedures and modern  instruments. All products that meet the regulatory standards, are issued Certificates of Analysis and Quality Assurance Labels.

Accreditation & Certification Labels

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